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Our Team
Dr. YASH GANDHI - Implantologist

The Master Mind (Popularly known as a Velvet Touch Person)
A Person
Dr. Yash, hailing from an illustrious family of entrepreneurs, himself is an entrepreneur with a difference. A very jovial person, easy to become a friend, philosopher and guide for all.

On the personal front, he provides support to the community through Lions Club of Mulund and he is associated with Mahavir Dental Clinic as Head Dentist.

As a proud owner of Smile Hub, Dr. Yash is committed to patient education and quality care.

An Expert

Dr. Yash has already set his mark as a general dentist and has received several compliments for his gentle and caring hand along with nickname “Velvet Yash”. He combines advanced technologies and up-to-date techniques and materials to provide the high quality dentistry.

While Dr. Yash is very passionate about cosmetic and restorative dentistry, his proficiency in surgical work and quest for specialization in surgical arena has now made him an Implantologist – an expert in Implants – the next best thing to healthy and natural teeth – a technology that helps you to retain your natural face, shape and smile.
Academic Accolades

  • B.D.S. (Mumbai)
  • P.G. in Implantology (Manipal)
  • Short Courses in:
  • Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry (NYU Certified)
  • Smile Designing (NYU Certified)
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation (NYU Certified)

Dr. Yash’s thirst for continued education in the field of dentistry continues.

Dr. Karishma Gursahani – Endodontic Consultant (Root Canals)

The Backbone – (Popularly known as a Comforter)
Dr. Karishma hailing from a family of banker-turned entrepreneur, engineers and owners of software company, herself is good at using latest technology and tools for most-effective dental treatment.
On the personal front, Dr. Karishma is extremely passionate about making your experience in the dental chair a positive one. While you are on the chair, she would keep you entertained with her sweet nothings. At the same time, she makes sure to provide quality dentistry in a personalized and caring manner.

Dr. Karishma is on her way to become co-owner and stand by Dr. Yash to provide the best ever dentistry experience to one and all.

An Expert

Dr. Karishma, currently an endodontic consultant, has a wide ranging dentistry experience, ranging from mass practice in general dentistry in charitable trusts to class practice in endodontics with reknowned Dentists in Mumbai and on American Citizens at Los Angeles in USA.

Her one year stint in USA has enhanced her emphasis on dental hygiene, a most neglected aspect in India. Therefore, at times, you may find her too finicky about oral hygiene and lecturing you on the benefits of keeping your mouth and teeth clean to prevent your frequent visits to her, even though it would mean loss of business for her.

Academic Accolades

  • B.D.S. (Mumbai)
  • ACTP Certified in Endodontics – UCLA (USA)
  • Short Courses in:
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation (NYU Certified)
  • Topper in College and known as “Know-it-all”
Ms. Monu Bihal

Ms. Monu, a very charming and loving young lady is a very important and integral part of Smile Hub. Be it your telephonic call or personal visit to Smile Hub, you would love to interact with Ms. Monu, who will make you feel comfortable till the doctor can attend to you. It would be an experience in itself.

A dentist can be efficient and swift in his work with two hands, if and only if, there is an assistant like Ms. Monu with her two hands and mind absolutely tuned to each next move of the dentist. Ms. Monu’s absolute sync with each and every move of the dentists at work establishes a fact that the Dentistry is four-handed activity and not just two hands of a dentist. This takes patient experience at Smile Hub to new heights.

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